How do you manage Stakeholder Expectations?

Managing stakeholders helps to ensure that no issues raised by stakeholders mushroom into problems that could jeopardize the project.

It is required to perform thorough out the project, as soon as you begin communicating on the project.

Managing stakeholders take deliberate forethought and planning. The stakeholder management strategy provides information on how positive stakeholders will be managed as well as stakeholders who may have a negative interest in the project. This information will be used to manage their expectations appropriately as the project progresses.

Communication Plan, Issue Log and change log may helps to manage the stakeholders expectations.

  • Communication management plan, which is a component of the project management plan, to set and mange stakeholder expectations for project communications.
  • Issue Log: Any issues that the project is encountering would be very relevant to brign into this process. Issues can disrupt project performance and can certainly impact stakeholder expectations. This issue log is where the issues for the project are recorded and tracked.
  • Change log: The change log provides a record a of all project changes. Since changes scan affect different stakeholder interests, this information is brought into manage stakeholder expectations.
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